winterize plants
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Winterizing Plants

In this video Doc has a little “fun” winterizing his plants. He preps his banana trees for the cold winter. The main goal of winterizing plants is to create a barrier that keeps freeing air […]

tomato garden watering
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Container Tomato Gardening

Doc shows you his watering spikes he uses on plants to avoid foliage watering and get water directly to the roots. WARNING: PGF Complete will be out of stock soon for about 7-10 days.

lawn natural areas landscaping

Lawn Landscaping and Natural Areas

Doc shows you how to put down a BASE natural area. From there, simply add landscaping flowers and plants. Natural areas in lawn landscaping really add that finishing touch.  They are cheap and last for […]

home vegetable garden
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Easy Vegetable Garden

Easy Home Vegetable Garden This simple and easy to build vegetable garden puts out a HUGE amount of produce. Very little maintenance and hassle free.  All you need are a few 2 x 10 x […]

deer repellent automatic
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Deer Repellent for Garden and Lawns

There are many deer repellent products on the market, but most wear off or simply get ignored by the deer. Some can actually be toxic to your plants and soil.  This automatic deer repellent is […]

best tomatoes to plant
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Which Tomatoes to Plant Determinate or Indeterminate

Most people don’t know the difference between Determinate or Indeterminate tomatoes, but the right selection will make a HUGE difference. In this video Doc shows you the difference. Determinate vs. Indeterminate tomatoes, which are better […]

planting in clay soil
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Planting in Clay Soils Tips and How To

After a LOT of research and trial and error, dead plants, we have finally figured out the BEST way to plant trees, shrubs and flowers in clay soils.  It’s important to remember that clay soils […]

root bound plants
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Planting Root Bound Plants

When you buy plants from the stores the majority of them will be root bound. The roots will be growing in a circular manner and will continue to do this even after planting. In this […]

pruning knock out roses
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Easy Pruning for Knock Out Roses

We all have it… knockout roses that keep falling over. I use this trick on so many of my garden plants and trees. This is pruning roses without really pruning them. It’s more like managing […]