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How to Kill Lawn Grubs

Grubs remain in your lawn all winter long and now that spring is here it’s time to kill them if you have a grub lawn problem. Treating lawn grubs is not that hard but the treatment must REACH the grubs which are located 2-4 inches sub-surface.  Doc shows you how to treat your spring grub problems.

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Grub Lawn Damage

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While not all lawns will get grubs and the extent of grub damage varies from year to year, there are some important points to consider concerning managing grubs in lawns. Grubs are typically white in color, with a characteristic “C” shape body when found in the soil feeding on lawn roots. Grubs are the larval stage of beetles.

Since grubs feed on the roots of lawn grasses, damage will appear as browning of the lawn. Consider that this also could be due to problems such as drought, poor soil, and diseases. However, grubs are easy to find by lifting sod in damaged areas and checking the root zone for the whitish grubs. Don’t treat for grubs that don’t exist!

Skunks and raccoons may tear up lawns in search of grubs, even when grub numbers are relatively low. Typically a population of about 12 grubs per square foot can cause lawn damage that requires control; whereas lower populations may not damage the grass, they may attract skunks and raccoons.


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