Bermuda Grass Height

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Bermuda Grass Cutting Heights

Doc goes over the short Bermuda grass cutting project. Most Bermuda grass should be cut between 3/4″ and 1.5″, however there are exceptions. Often we like the short look and can take it down to 1/2″ or as winter approaches we often let it get longer. Maybe 2″+.  During drought conditions many let their Bermuda grass grow longer and it will help to protect against burning out.

Bermuda Cutting Video

Products for Bermuda Grass

Where to buy the Reel Mower

Doc STRONGLY suggests you purchase from the distributor below. Not only do they retail them but will answer questions and stock parts. They start around $1500 with shipping.

Bermuda Grass cut low close to fairway height.

bermuda grass cut low

Bermuda grass cut high for drought.

bermuda grass cut high drought

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