Improving Bermuda Grass in Shade

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Growing Bermuda Grass in Shade?

Bermuda grass does not grow well in shade…  let’s repeat that… BERMUDA GRASS DOES NOT LIKE SHADE.  Now that this is clear, Doc has been really pushing his shaded areas with Bermuda grass to see what results he can get.  The results have been so good with the Liquid lawn, that he is going to keep pushing it to see what happens.

If you are going to try and improve your shaded Bermuda grass lawn, you need to conduct some tests.

Shade tolerant Bermuda grass would make someone RICH beyond their dreams, but still after 100 years no one has created a shade tolerant Bermuda lawn / grass.

We will be testing this product…


It’s said that it is MORE shade tolerant, but still it’s Bermuda.


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