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Spring lawn fertilizer tips.

Spring is the CRITICAL time for Bermuda grass lawns. It’s when we want to push Bermuda grass and make it thick, lush, and full. Then we can sort of sit back and enjoy our work the rest of the year. Spring lawn fertilizing plays a critical role.

1- Do not put out ANY granular products prior to scalping. (Excluding any DG products such as Barricade DG) They will get sucked up, moved, and wasted.

2- Early spring is NOT the best time for granular fertilizer products, they offer little control and heavy rains can release excessive nutrients. You often get nitrogen POOLING in depressions and low areas. Use Super Juice in the early spring and look for fertilizer windows.  These are several days of sun and temps above 60.

3- Don’t rely so much on soil temps, rather watch your lawn. When you see LOTS of green starting to shoot up, that’s a good time to start applying Super Juice lawn fertilizer.  You will NOT be pushing your lawn too hard or putting down huge amounts of nitrogen. It’s very mild.

4- Test your soil PH and apply lime if needed. (video coming soon) Your good PH for Bermuda grass is 6 – 6.5

5- Save organic based fertilizers for slightly warmer weather. They need strong microbial activity to work. So when soil temps hit 60+ start using them. However you can put down a light coat of regular granular at any time.

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