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Liquid aerators for lawns have been a big subject over the past couple of years.  Some liquid aeration products are basically a wetting agent or surfactant, which I try to avoid putting on lawns.  If over applied they can cause permeable membrane issues in the roots and foliage. The humic based products are very good, but there really is no need for them if following our lawn program. In this video Doc explains that.


This product is 70% Humic Acid vs. most liquids that are 6 – 12%

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Liquid aeration and liquid aerators for lawns.

“When applied at too high a rate, a wetting agent can cause membrane permeability problems and cause toxicities that kill roots and leaves. Occasionally, media from commercial companies contain too much wetting agent. This can cause disfigured, off-color, slow growing plants. Temperature and weather can affect how the plant will react to the presence of a large amount of wetting agent in bark or peat soils.”

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