Summer Lawn Fertilizer

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Summer Lawn Fertilizer

Summer time, with its heat and low rain falls,  is often the time to rethink your lawn fertilizer. In this video Doc discusses change your SPRING program over to a summer lawn fertilizer program.  (Product links below)  As temps rise into the 90s and we face periods of no rain for days and days, you need to stop creating growth energy in your lawn.

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In the summer we don’t want to push the energy level / growth of our lawns so we switch over to a summer fertilizer.

Disease Control:


The most common diseases that may occur on bermuda grass during the growing season are large patch, dollar spot, and spring dead spot. Large patch and dollar spot are fungal diseases that occur during warm, wet weather. Since they are fueled by moisture, it is important to use proper watering practices, as well as provide adequate soil drainage.

If the turf does stay wet, circular areas may start to develop and slowly grow in size. Diseased turf with dollar spot range from 2 to 6 inches in diameter, but large patch may result in affected areas that may grow to several feet in diameter. The center of a large area may start to green. In heavily infested turf, the areas may grow together and thus will not appear circular. If the turf at the edge of the dying area shows a smoky brown, rotted appearance, it will be necessary to apply a fungicide treatment.

Overall, proper water management and thatch control is essential to curtail large patch and dollar spot problems. To help reduce disease problems, fertilize the bermuda grass lawn according to recent soil test recommendations and water infrequently.

Weed Control:

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A selective, annual grass or broadleaf weed control pre-emergent herbicide that is labelled for use on bermudagrass and applied during late winter and spring will reduce many weeds the following summer. If a pre-emergent herbicide was not applied, then the resulting weeds will need to be controlled using post-emergent herbicides.

Selective grassy weed control herbicide that can be used during the summer is limited. If summer annual grassy weeds are a problem, a preemergent herbicide program will be the best choice.

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