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Top Pick Automatic Pool Cleaner

Doc reviews his top pick for best pool cleaner.  After a year of full testing on two pools Doc agrees that this suction side pool cleaner is the best he has ever owned.  While they make two sizes of the cleaner Doc uses the smaller one on both pools with great results.  Remember that any cleaner using a mesh type filter will not capture the fine dust and particles. 

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The pool cleaner with standard hose length

The Leaf Catcher

Extra Hose Lengths for Longer Pools

The new MX6 is a highly efficient pool cleaning robot that features excellent vacuum power and programmed navigation for a comprehensively clean pool without the hassle. MX6 boasts an innovative low-flow design so it consumes less energy than any cleaner in its class, making it the ideal cleaner for pools with 2-speed or variable-speed pumps.


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