Smoked Boston Butt Recipe

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Smoked Boston Butt Recipe

Doc shows you how to smoke a Boston butt with an easy overnight smoke recipe.  Using jack Daniels Apple and a few simple ingredients. Most smoker recipes always seem complicated. This is SIMPLE and easy to make.

Smoking Boston Butt Video

Boston Butt Smoked Recipe

Boston butts (boneless) usually come in 6-7 pound packs.

You will smoke at 225 for 1.5 – 2 hours per pound.  (Example: 6.5 pounds x 1.5 hours = About 9 hours.

Use meat thermometer and shut off smoker when internal temp BREAKS the 190 mark. 

Pull the meat and let rest in pan for one hour. (I do NOT wrap mine….)

Marinade Ingredients

Jack Daniels Apple (or reg bourbon whiskey) about 1-2 cups

Mrs Dash Garlic Herb about one TBSP

Brown Sugar about 1 cup

Dales Marinade (or similar) about 1/4 cup

There is no FIRM rule to the amounts. Just make sure you allow meat at least 12 hours to marinade but 24 is better.

Do not add too much SMOKE.  I add wood chips at the start and then that’s it.

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