What Size Pressure Washer to Buy

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This is the first in a full series of videos and posts about pressure washers and power washing.  We’ll be updating often. In this video which is the FIRST in the series, Doc talks about what size pressure washer is right for the average home owner.  Keep in mind, that if you follow these guidelines, you should never want MORE power.  We’ll be posting links and updating.

Video Here:

Pressure washers and understanding psi vs gpm as well as some pressure washing tips.
Think of PSI…. as the CLEANING POWER of the unit.
Think of GPM… as the CLEANING VOLUME of the unit.
If you NEVER want to feel like you need MORE of either around the house, then go with 3000+ psi and keep your GPM at 2.5 or higher.  Again, the one used in the video was actually lower than that and has NO ISSUES cleaning any type of surface.

Links to pressure washers and accessories:

Click on the IMAGE of this pressure washer to see the listing. 3200 psi and 2.5 gpm, Honda engine. Again, you can buy the 4 year protection plan for about $15.

The Hose Doc talked about: Zero G hose. This one is 50 feet.

The surface cleaner:

Pump Lube:



What size pressure washer do I need? What PSI pressure washer do I need? What GPM should I buy?
All questions that matter.


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