Mushrooms in Lawn

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Mushrooms in your lawn?

Mushrooms in lawns is quite common for those of us that actually care about our lawns. Mushrooms need a HEALTHY environment to grow and guess what a healthy lawn creates.  A great place for lawn mushrooms and fungus.

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Mushrooms in Doc’s lawn.

mushroom growing in lawn

To reduce mushrooms in your lawn…

Pull mushrooms out of lawn by hand both at dusk and in the early morning.  Carry a tub or bag and carefully place them inside and dispose of them.

To further reduce…

Put down granular fungicide listed below, then spray the lawn with a liquid fungicide. Keeping in mind that the CAUSE of mushrooms in your lawn is a fungus in the SOIL.

Some people say to put down more nitrogen fertilizer to eliminate “organic matter” but honestly… that’s what creates a healthy lawn so why remove it?

They might show up after a rainy spell or emerge in new sod. Or you might have a fairy ring surface in your yard. Whatever the situation, having mushrooms pop up in your lawn can be a nuisance, an eyesore and, if you have children, potentially dangerous. Learn why mushrooms appear and what you can do about them.

What are mushrooms?

Mushrooms are actually part of a fungus that grows underground, hidden from sight. The mushroom is the tip of a fungus iceberg, if you will – a clue that a large fungus lies buried in soil. Lawn fungi and their mushrooms don’t harm a lawn. They’re actually good guys in the ecosystem of your yard, breaking down organic material into nutrients your lawn can use.

A mushroom reproduces through spores, similar to seeds. The mushroom releases the spores, which spread by wind or water, to start a new fungal colony.

When most people hear the word “mushroom,” they think of the typical umbrella-shaped one, which is sometimes called a toadstool. But you might also spot other types of lawn fungus, including puffball, shaggy mane, Japanese parasol or the oddly-shaped and smelly stinkhorn.


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