Easy Oil Change Conversion John Deere

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Easy Oil Change Conversion John Deere

Doc shows you step by step how to convert the easy oil change system back to a traditional oil change system on a John Deere.  The easy oil change conversion takes about 30 minutes and is fairly easy. The right tools make the easy-oil change conversion simple.

Easy Oil Change Conversion Video

Easy Oil Change Conversion Parts

Gator Grip Wrench Doc shows.

There is no picture on Amazon FYI… but this is the double thread fitting for oil filter.

John Deere MIU13767 Adapter Fitting
Price: $6.29
Price Disclaimer

Drain tube

Oil Filter

John Deere OEM Oil Filter #AM125424
Price: $9.48
Price Disclaimer

Full step by step instructions on converting the John Deere easy oil change filter system back to a standard oil change system.

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