Lawn Grubs and Army Worms Treatment

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Lawn Grubs and Army Worms Treatment

Doc talks about lawn grubs and army worms. This is the time of year we face these problems and they can be handled in one day with a double treatment. Damage from lawn grubs will take time to heal but army worm damage can be corrected in short period. 

Lawn Grubs and Army Worms Video

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Free Lawn Care Guides

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The New Anderson’s Store 

Use code “DOC” at checkout for the best discounts. 

Killing Grubs and Army Worms with the Double Kill Doucide

Preventative products should be used in the late summer.  Killing products work best in the spring. The product below can be applied anytime of the year to kill grubs. 

The Lawn Spray

GreenShocker Fast Acting Granular

GreenShocker is a granular, all fast release, fertilizer supplement. 

PGF Balance 10-10-10 

A professional grade 10-10-10 with tiny particles, micro nutrients, and iron. 

Granular Pre-Emergent in DG Particles

PGF Complete 16-4-8 Lawn Fertilizer

This is the main fertilizer for ALL lawns during the growing season.  Warm season and cool season lawns. 

Should be applied to ALL LAWNS and can be applied as heavy and as often as you like.  It contains NOTHING that can hurt your lawn and is 50/50 mix of biochar and humic acid. 

New Dirt Booster Plus for Lawn and Gardens

Add organic matter, microbes, and good fungus to make your lawn and garden thrive.  All new formula for 2022.

Granular Pre-Emergent in DG Particles

PGF Complete website to pick the right fertilizer. 


Super Juice Lawn Supplement and Bio-Stimulant

Lawn Hose End Spray Bottles

WARNING: Use only the 20:1 ratio bottles and do not pay more than $19 for TWO bottles.  When out of stock, others will charge up to $40 if out of stock. Simply wait until they come back in stock from Andersons. 

Microbe and Good Fungus Booster


Large Spreader Used – Top Pick for 2021

Probably one of the best VALUES for a large spreader with huge 13 inch wheels. 

Best VALUE in Reel Mowers


Lawn care tips and Bermuda lawn care.  


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Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos
1 year ago

Hello Doc I have a question, I have a little White flying bugs in my yard, what are those and how I get rid of them please help

Whit in Louisiana
Whit in Louisiana
1 year ago

Hey Doc: For your pond and also for your swimming pool use copper sulfate pentahydrate. I use the powder for the bayou behind my house so the fish won’t die and the kids can still fish. In my swimming pool I use the crystals. U of KY did a study and concluded one tablespoon per 1,000 gallons so I use 2 cups in my 25,000 gal pool each month. Barely have chlorine enough to sanitize and NO ALGEE! Poor it in the skimmer. WARNING! Use gloves. Very hazardous in concentrated form. Powder can be mixed with water to spray if… Read more »

Michael Polito
Michael Polito
1 year ago

I must be having a Grub Problem. My Front Yard (Which is Tall Fescue) has been getting destroyed by Armadillos. When my Ring picks up the Armadillos, I Shoot them when I get the opportunity. But that doesn’t happen all the time. I’m not sure what you mean by a “Double Guard” Repellent? I searched your Website and came across DuoCide and went ahead and ordered that from Amazon. Is this what you mean by “Double Guard”? Please advise. I also have Triazicide. You mention that you normally do both? Please advise. Thank you so much, Mike P. One frustrated… Read more »