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2021 Update Doc’s Best new pick. 

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In this video Doc reviews several lawn spreaders at different price points and quality levels.

The Scotts Mini


← Click for pricing – about $35

The mini is an “OK” unit for very small yards and light loads of fertilizer. This VERY small lawn spreader is pretty cheap but gets the job done. Any yard over 5000 sq ft needs to step up larger for sure.




The Scotts Standard – (They call deluxe, we don’t)

← Click for pricing – about $60

The standard size Scotts lawn spreader with edge guard. Decent spreader, gets the job done for the money.





The Scotts Elite

← Click for pricing – about $99

The Elite lawn spreader is the one Doc has used a lot this past year with good results. For $99 you’ll be happy with the performance on larger lots and heavier loads. DO NOT over load the spreader. It can handle about 40 pounds even though they say higher.





The Agri Fab Large Spreader  (Doc’s Top Pick)

← Click for pricing – about $170

For the money…. you’ll never want any MORE lawn spreader.  We tested to over 100 pounds of material and it handled nicely.  Huge hopper, painted metal frame, air filled 12″ tires.  We have done 3 lawns with this unit and ZERO complaints.  Doc will be using this spreader all year for various treatments.

Doc’s Top Pick for VALUE




The LCO 1000 Commercial Grade Spreader

← Click for pricing – about $540

In the jungle the LION is the king. On the turf… the LCO 1000 is the king.

Nothing else really compares to quality of the build and smooth ride over ALL terrain.

A truly amazing spreader that many golf courses and professionals use.

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