Best Deer Food and Food Plots for Deer

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Best Deer Food and Food Plots for Deer

Doc shows how they turned an abandoned farm property into a deer haven. The majority of the 40 acres is deer food plots and feed stations to the deer. The deer management program has only been in place for about 1.5 years but the increase in deer traffic is amazing.  Doc shows deer game cameras and the also the food plots that now take up most of the property.

Best Deer food and Food Plots Video

 Deer Game Cameras Cellular

Below is the Flex Solar ONE pack WITH battery pack.

Below is the Flex Solar TWO pack without battery pack. Uses lithium AA for backup. Great value.

Deer Feeders Used

Solar Charger for Feeders

Moonshine Gold Deer Attractant

Food Plot Seeds Used




Deer Corn and Soybean Mix (Hard to Find)

The link below will show it on Tractor Supply



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