Preemergent for Bermuda Grass

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In this video Doc walks you through the subject of preemergent for Bermuda grass. Probably the most important step / treatment you will take / do during the dormant months is putting down a good preemergent.

Pre-Emergent on Bermuda grass is a critical step.

Preemergent herbicides prevent the germination of seeds by inhibiting a key enzyme.[citation needed] In some areas of the world, they are used to prevent crabgrass from appearing in lawns. Preemergent herbicides are applied to lawns in the spring and fall, to prevent the germination of weed seeds. They will not affect any established plant. In the spring, they should be applied when air temperatures reach 65–70°F for four consecutive days. In the fall, they should be applied when nighttime lows reach 55–60°F for four consecutive nights.

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With pre-emergent herbicides, it’s vital to treat the entire lawn area. If you miss a spot, weeds can sprout there.

Most pre-emergents require watering in, even liquid forms applied using a hose-end sprayer. With liquid herbicides, the volume of water used to disperse the weed killer is not great enough to wash the material into soil, where weed seeds lie waiting to germinate. That’s why you have to water after application.

Use caution when applying pre-emergent herbicides to newly seeded lawns – or to areas you plan to seed. Read the label carefully. For most products, the label stipulates how many mowings, after seeding, to wait before application. The label also states how long to wait after application before sowing lawn seed.

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