Organic Lawn Fertilizer Treatment Golf Course Lawn

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Organic Lawn Fertilizer Treatment Golf Course Lawn

Doc talks about adding organic matter to the lawn and explains why summer is the perfect time for organics. Listen to a pro golf course superintendent, John Zimmer,  talk about experimenting with Dirt Booster and organic treatments. Lawn soils are always low on organic matter and adding both carbon and organic matter help you lawn and grass be healthy during the summer heat.

Organic Lawn Treatment Video

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The Bermuda Lawn Guide

bermuda lawn guide

Flower and Veggie Garden Compost Booster

DirtBooster helps you make super compost in only a few days. 

Should be applied to ALL LAWNS and can be applied as heavy and as often as you like.  It contains NOTHING that can hurt your lawn and is 50/50 mix of biochar and humic acid. 

PGF Complete 16-4-8 Lawn Fertilizer

This is the main fertilizer for ALL lawns during the growing season.  Warm season and cool season lawns. 

PGF Balance 10-10-10 

A professional grade 10-10-10 with tiny particles, micro nutrients, and iron. 

Granular Pre-Emergent in DG Particles

Spring Lawn Fertilizers

PGF Complete website to pick the right fertilizer. 

Killing Grubs in the Spring

Preventative products should be used in the late summer.  Killing products work best in the spring. The product below can be applied anytime of the year to kill grubs. 

Super Juice Lawn Supplement and Bio-Stimulant

Lawn Hose End Spray Bottles

WARNING: Use only the 20:1 ratio bottles and do not pay more than $19 for TWO bottles.  When out of stock, others will charge up to $40 if out of stock. Simply wait until they come back in stock from Andersons. 

Microbe and Good Fungus Booster

Chicken Feed from Tractor Supply

You can add to your cart and purchase and then pickup at the store.  Not really worth ordering online due to shipping costs.

DuMOR 16% Layer Crumble, 50 lb., 3006316-306

DuMOR 16% Layer Crumble, 50 lb., 3006316-306 [More]

Price: $14.99

Bermuda lawn care and caring for your gardens. 

Large Spreader Used – Top Pick for 2021

Probably one of the best VALUES for a large spreader with huge 13 inch wheels. 

Best VALUE in Reel Mowers



Decomposing organic matter can feed plants directly, but it also can indirectly benefit the nutrition of the plant. A number of essential nutrients occur in soils as positively charged molecules called cations. The ability of organic matter to hold on to cations in a way that keeps them available to plants is known as cation exchange capacity (CEC).

Healthy soil is the foundation of the food system. It produces healthy crops that in turn nourish people. Maintaining a healthy soil demands care and effort from farmers because farming is not benign. By definition, farming disturbs the natural soil processes including that of nutrient cycling – the release and uptake of nutrients.

Plants obtain nutrients from two natural sources: organic matter and minerals. Organic matter includes any plant or animal material that returns to the soil and goes through the decomposition process. In addition to providing nutrients and habitat to organisms living in the soil, organic matter also binds soil particles into aggregates and improves the water holding capacity of soil. Most soils contain 2-10 percent organic matter. However, even in small amounts, organic matter is very important.



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2 years ago

hi Doc,
I’m interested to buy the dirt booster for my lawn, but what is the directions for microbial packet for a 4gallon sprayer?

Bobby Collins
Bobby Collins
2 years ago

Doc where do I buy dirt booster?

2 years ago

Hey there I have 2 questions.

  1. does humichar + chicken feed equal doing dirt booster for my lawn?
  2. I’m considering leveling my lawn (small 2500 sq. Ft. Bermuda) . However I have deep (up to 3 inches) ruts as well as a general need for lighter leveling. Should I use 70/30 and do my whole lawn or do a 50/50 and just take care of the deeper stuff now and do a general leveling later? big fan of your channel and thanks
Mike Pevoto
Mike Pevoto
2 years ago

Doc is the best thing that ever happened to our lawn! Anderson products have rejuvenated our lawn. Best it has looked in years! Glad I found this site.

benjamin schreffler
benjamin schreffler
2 years ago

Hey I’ve got a serious bug problem in my TifEagle putting green. The main issues are tiny black bugs that are quick moving. Then the 2nd main insect is long with pincher like claws front of mouth and moves similar to a snake. Treatment so far includes the granular pesticide on your website as well as spectracide. Going on 7 days and these insects still exist. What do I do