trimming round bushes
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Trimming Round Ball Bushes

How to Trim Round Ball Bushes Doc shows you two methods for trimming round ball bushes.  The first is the hard bush cut which is aggressive, hard, deep and fast trim.  The next is a […]

pressure washing concrete driveway
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Pressure Washing Driveways

Pressure Washing Concrete Driveways Pressure Washing Products Top Picks Best Pressure Washer for the Money This is the exact unit that Doc owns… and uses in the video. It pairs up perfectly with the surface […]

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Hard to Reach Grease Fittings

Hard to Reach Grease Fittings Most power equipment such as lawn mowers, riding mowers, and even some spreaders have grease fittings. However, many of these grease fittings are hard to reach.  Doc set out to […]

mosqito trap bug zapper
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Best Mosquito Traps and Bug Zappers

Best Mosquito Traps and Bug Zappers 2019 (Product links below) Doc shares his thoughts on the electronic bug and mosquito traps and zappers he bought and tested.  With a large amount of woods behind his […]

home vegetable garden
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Easy Vegetable Garden

Easy Home Vegetable Garden This simple and easy to build vegetable garden puts out a HUGE amount of produce. Very little maintenance and hassle free.  All you need are a few 2 x 10 x […]

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Remove Mold and Algae Fence and Siding

Removing algae and mold from fences and house siding is fairly easy. However you are exposed to all kinds of products that simply don’t work or take a long time. In this video Doc removes […]

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Best Garden Hose 2019

Yes, I’m excited.  I LOVE my Zero-G hoses but have wanted them to produce a 3/4″ version for over two years. Guess what has arrived? The new Zero-G Professional 3/4″ garden hose. ← Click for […]

hurricane michael prep
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Hurricane Prep and Generator Setup

Generator setup and hurricane prep Doc walks you through HIS generator setup and hurricane prep for the upcoming storm, hurricane Michael.  With winds expected to gust in the 50+ mph range it’s just a given […]

best home hvac filter
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Best Home HVAC Filter

Choosing the best home HVAC / air conditioning filter seems simple, but I think there’s a balance between price and performance.  In this video I show you my top pick after playing with several brands […]

storm preparedness
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Storm and Hurricane Preparation

Storm preparedness and preparing for emergencies has always been a “beef” of mine.  The fact that 90% of the homes in the US have done ZERO planning or preparedness just blows my mind. (Not even […]