crazy green fall lawn
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Crazy Green Fall Grass

Crazy Green Fall Grass and Return from Beach Doc returns from the beach house to find the new fairway and putting green to be amazingly green.  The new Moonshine Gold Website and the Facebook Page  […]

clogged riding mower
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Riding Mower Clogged

Grass Clippings Clog Bagging Tube Doc shows a quick tip on keeping grass clippings from clogging your riding mower.  Most clippings can be wet and the inside of your bagging tube gets old, rough and […]

electronic dog door
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Electronic Dog Door

Installing the Electronic Dog Door Doc replaces the girls’ electronic dog door with the same model after many years of use.  The dog door allows them to go out during scheduled times or you can […]

pressure washing concrete driveways
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How to Pressure Washing Concrete Driveways

How to Pressure Washing Concrete Driveways Doc and the helpers pressure wash the concrete driveway and sidewalks in roughly two hours.  Using the correct pressure washing equipment is one of the most important parts.  The […]

wifi irrigation controller
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Wifi Lawn Irrigation Control

WiFi Lawn Irrigation Controller Doc shows the new WiFi / wireless lawn irrigation controller and the features that are important.  One problem some wireless irrigation controllers have is the lack of manual controls or the […]

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Summer Bermuda Lawn Care

CRAZY Hot Summer Day of Bermuda Lawn Care The long hot Sunday of lawn care includes cutting the Bermuda lawn, cutting putting green, plant new plants, and work on the putting green.  When temps hit […]

trimming bushes
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Trimming Bushes Old Hedges

How to Trim Bushes and Old Hedges Doc walks you through trimming bushes as well as hard cutting old hedges.  There comes a point when bushes and hedges get out of control. Doc shows that […]

putting green cutting
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Home Putting Green Cut

Cutting the Home Putting Green Doc cuts the home putting green with the reel mower in preparation for July 4th. Home Putting Green Video Lawn Care Products HUMICHAR… Click the Bag for current listing. A […]

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Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Harvest

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Harvest Doc spends the morning harvesting from the raised bed vegetable garden.  This year’s vegetable garden was grown without traditional fertilizers. Instead a compost of HUMICHAR and organic matter was used. […]

pressure washing concrete pool deck
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Pressure Washing Concrete Pool

How To Pressure Wash Concrete Pool Doc and the crew pressure wash the concrete pool deck.  He walks you through the best equipment and techniques for pressure washing the concrete.  There are a few accessories […]