How to Measure Lawn Square Footage

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In the video below, Doc shows you a few ways to measure and calculate your lawn square footage. Know the square feet within your lawn is pretty important.  Not only when apply treatments, but when buying the right amount.

NOTE: There are PHONE APPS out there that allow you to walk and measure but honestly… most are a pain to use. By the time you download and figure them out you could be done using the online tool below. (Tried them)

Online tool square footage is here→  ONLINE TOOL

The digital lawn measuring tool Doc likes.

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Remember, if just pacing off your lawn to measure, convert your paces to feet when done. Then multiply the length x width.

Don’t forget about the LITTLE areas of your lawn like the little strip next to the side walk.

Add a little square footage in for arches and rounded areas you might miss.

The phone apps for measuring your lawn are OK… but honestly they can be a pain to work with. By the time you install them, and adjust the settings you could have measured with the link above.


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