Best John Deere Riding Mower Bermuda Grass

John Deere E170 Riding Mower Review

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We know… everyone has opinions… but after doing a LOT of research this was Doc’s pick as the winner of the best riding mower for bermuda grass lawns.  Keep in mind, there are plenty of good mowers but here are some of the reasons in his decision.  1) Made in USA.   2) EASY adjustable deck with PRECISE adjustments.  3) FOUR… not TWO scalp wheels which was a MUST for him.  4) Good service from a local dealer.

The E170 John Deere was Doc’s pick for his lawn. Watch the video and learn more.

The new oil change feature? At first I was resistant on this, but I have to tell you… I’ll change my oil more often with this feature. No buckets, no searching for parts, just pop it on and go.

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