Cutting Bermuda Grass

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Spring Cutting Bermuda Grass

Some people make the mistake of not cutting their Bermuda grass until it is tall.  In the Spring we want to keep our Bermuda grass the height we want it all season long.  Yes, there will be some areas that do not need cutting, but don’t let that stop you.  Start cutting it early and keep it at the correct height.

Cutting Bermuda Grass Video

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Spring Lawn Care Products

PGF Complete lawn fertilizer

Sold in 18 and 40 lb bags. Great for all lawns warm and cool season.
PGF Complete is the PERFECT fertilizer for established spring lawns, new lawns, and new turf.

Spring Pre-Emergent

Spring lawn preemergent is critical to get down now.

Super Juice Supplement Spray


Free Bermuda Lawn Guide.

Click the book to see the free Bermuda lawn guide.


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