Dry Aging Meat and Cooking Venison Recipe

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Dry Aging Meat and Cooking Venison Recipe

Doc goes over the benefits of dry aging aging meat and then cooks some deer venison with his favorite recipe.  Dry aging meat should be done with the WHOLE cut of meat and not with individual steaks.  The best taste will vary person to person but recommends 7 – 10 days of dry aging for larger cuts and 5-7 days for wild game cuts like deer. 

Dry Aging Meat Video

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How Dry Aging Meat Works

When we dry age meat, you take a piece of meat and put it into a controlled open-air environment to go through a flavor transformation. By exposing the meat to air, moisture is pulled out and the natural enzymes in the beef break the muscles down slowly over time, making it more tender.

When the surface of the beef dries, it creates a crust over the muscle, but what’s inside stays moist and red.

The meat is also subjected to other environmental impacts during the aging process various molds and yeasts that land on it — all of which play a role in the final flavor profile of the beef. The longer you age it, the stronger it gets.


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