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How to Make Natural Organic Garden Fertilizer

Doc walks you through his tips for creating natural organic garden fertilizer.  This year Doc has been using natural organic matter to create nutrients in the soil and the vegetable garden. The results have been amazing.  A step by step guide on how to grow massive vegetables in a small space without the use of fertilizers.  Just using HUMICHAR and organic clean feed.

Natural Garden Fertilizer Video

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HUMICHAR can be used on lawns soil or garden soils. The natural and organic way to fertilize your gardens.
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MICROBIAL PACK for garden soils.

Cheap Organic Material


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How Organic Matter Feeds Your Plants

Application of organic matter to the soil adds carbon, which promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, which increases the likelihood of hearty plants. Another benefit is when crops grow and demand more nutrients, added organic matter can be used as plant food. Remember that every time you disturb soil by turning or tilling, oxygen also is added to the soil. This increases microbial activity, which feeds on organic matter. Therefore, soil disturbance can decrease the soil’s organic matter reserves and should be kept to a minimum.

Scientists have been researching the benefits of organic material for decades. They have found that plant deficiency diseases usually are less severe in soils that are well supplied with organic matter. This not only increases the vigor of the plants, but various soil microorganisms become more active in the presence of an abundance of organic matter. For example, certain kinds of fungi that live in decaying organic matter have been found to kill harmful nematodes.

Healthy, productive soil has a good proportion of organic matter in it. You can successfully increase the quality of your soil by regularly adding organic matter. Caring for the soil is an ongoing process and is essential for successful backyard conservation.


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