Remove Door Hinge with Bottom Cap

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These hinges with a bottom cap can be a pain to remove unless you know the little trick.  Most people have a set of vice grips, so use them.

They do sell hinge pin snaps, but most of us never need them.

Before you take to removing the hinge pins, it’s a good idea to make sure you have all the things you’ll need with you. Most important are a hammer and vice grips, hex tool, or nail set to knock the pin out.

Lodge a book underneath the door for support. You’re going to be destabilizing your door, so it’s really important there’s some kind of support to keep it from toppling over while you’re in the midst of unpinning it. Sliding books underneath the crack in the door will give the door a surface to sit on while you remove the pins.

Grab the bottom cap with the vice grips and lock down. Then gently tap the vice grip until the bottom cap comes off.

Force the pin up from the door hinge. Taking a hammer and your hex tool or nail, gently ram the pin upwards. Put the flat end of the nail against the pin, and tap it up with the hammer. Continue to tap it up, gradually increasing the force until the pin is finally lodged upwards. This is better to do with a number of smaller moves than one big force; being too quick and brash may result in the pin getting scratched or damaged

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