Pressure washing equipment and accessories.

Simpson Pressure Washer Doc bought and uses at home. (THERE ARE TWO MODELS BELOW) Doc gives this unit an A- which is very high. Seldom does anything rate above that.  Again, FOR THE MONEY… the home user will be THRILLED with the power, its size, and weight.  Watch the video review on it.

Doc’s Favorite Unit for the Average Homeowner

This is an extremely powerful pressure washer and will handle ANY job you have.  It’s just a bit smaller and lighter than the unit below. Unit costs roughly $389 including shipping. This pressure washer is PERFECT for the average homeowner and Doc’s unit is now two years old.  You’ll never DESIRE more power.

best power washer 2020

A BEEFIER version for those doing commercial like work.

About the same cleaning power as the above, but for someone who plans on doing a LOT of pressure washing this unit will handle a HUGE amount of hours. Roughly $499 including shipping.

 A MUST HAVE … Surface Cleaner

Surface Cleaner – Doc forbids you from cleaning surfaces such as driveways and NOT using this.  Once you use one, you’ll understand why.


6″ Spring wrapped hose extension – This little thing makes your life SO much easier. Rather than reaching under or around power washer frames, just attach it and leave it.  Best idea he’s had in months.

Extension Wand 30″ –

Keeps you away from water and when using the surface cleaners it forces you to stand up straight. No more sore backs.


Turbo Nozzle – Regular TIPS… can leave sharp, flat cut lines, and this nozzle prevents it. It also give you a nice round cleaning area and less likely over clean areas.

2×2″ 36″ long Steel Angle bar to protect grass. (Seen in sidewalk video)


Safety Glasses Doc likes


For TOTAL protection these are good.