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Pressure Washing Concrete Driveways

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Best Pressure Washer for the Money

This is the exact unit that Doc owns… and uses in the video. It pairs up perfectly with the surface cleaner below.  Including shipping the unit is $378, a GREAT value.  Simply click the image to add to your cart. An Amazon TOP CHOICE product we have used this pressure washer on just about EVERY cleaning job you can imagine.

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Best Surface Cleaner

← Click to buy on Amazon About $70

This is the NEW surface cleaner that Doc tested and loves. Very heavy duty and great overall build.

Matches up perfectly to the pressure washer above.



No Kink Hose Extender


6″ Spring wrapped hose extension – This little thing makes your life SO much easier. Rather than reaching under or around power washer frames, just attach it and leave it.  Best idea he’s had in months.

Extension Wand 30″ – Keeps you away from water and when using the surface cleaners it forces you to stand up straight. No more sore backs.

Turbo Nozzle – Regular TIPS… can leave sharp, flat cut lines, and this nozzle prevents it. It also give you a nice round cleaning area and less likely over clean areas.

Pump Guard

When pressure washing concrete driveways always use a surface cleaner. Not only will it do a better job cleaning your driveway, but will reduce the mess. Start by pressure washing one section of the driveway at a time. Rinse the extra debris away with a tip. Then go back and pressure wash in the opposite direction lightly. This will reduce any swirl marks.

After you’re done power washing your driveway, go back and lightly spray with a bleach rinse.






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