Spring Lawn Preemergent

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When to Apply Preemergent in the Spring

When do you apply your spring pre-emergent? Well it’s not just the date but conditions are critical as well. Doc warns you about lawn saturation and how it can ruin your spring lawn preemergent application.

Spring Pre-Emergent Video

In the video below Doc talks about the critical factor most forget with spring lawn pre-emergent treatments.

Bermuda Lawn Guide Link

Bermuda Lawn Guide

Best Granular Preemergent

It’s the ONLY granular pre-emergent that Doc uses. Both 18 and 50 lb bags. NOTE: We use this first in the spring because granulars last longer than LIQUIDS. We will do a LIQUID treatment roughly 6 weeks after this.

Humichar Information


Click the bag to visit the Humichar website. 

Humichar is a LAWN IMPROVEMENT product that allows us to use LESS fertilizer.





Spring Preemergent Zone Map

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Spring Preemergent for Lawns
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Spring Preemergent for Lawns
When do you apply your lawn preemergent? it's not just the time but also the conditions that are critical for your pre-emergent to work well and be effective as well.
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