Summer Fertilizing Lawn

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Fertilizing your lawn in the summer is not recommended by most.  However if you truly understand how fertilizers work, and the make up of lawn fertilizers, you can apply a mild one.  Doc talks about how to apply PGF Complete lawn fertilizer in the heat of the summer.

Summer Fertilizer Video

PGF Complete Lawn Fertilizer

  • Blended fine fertilizer particle includes Humates which may increase turf quality and reduced nutrient requirements
  • Contains MUtech coated slow release nitrogen to provide uniform growth with extended nitrogen feeding
  • DG particles do not rely on a physical coating to release nutrients. Coated fertilizers (used by our competitors) are very susceptible to damage from mowers, resulting in premature nutrient release.
  • Small particle size gives you twice the number of particles per square foot. DG particle disperse quickly and completely when watered, moving directly into the soil.




Summer Fertilizer Tips

  1. Apply PGF Complete at the standard rate, 5000 sq ft,  on warm season lawns with irrigation.
  2. If no irrigation, the make one bag cover 6000 sq ft.
  3. On Cool Season grasses apply one bag for 6000 – 7000 sq ft.


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