Best Granular Lawn Fertilizer

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Best Granular Lawn Fertilizer?

Which is the best lawn fertilizer?  It’s not a simple question but in our eyes, there is one new product for 2019 that grabs the title, “best granular fertilizer 2019”.   The new PGF, Professional Grade Fertilizer, is a granular lawn fertilizer that can be used on both warm season and cool season grass and has many benefits over the “big box” brands.

Remember… do NOT put down organic based fertilizers until your soil temps have reached 62+ degrees on a constant basis.  Organic lawn fertilizers (including bio waste and bio solids) need microbial action to work, and during cooler periods it’s low. From one  (Bio Solid Based) website:  “is reliant on soil temperature: cooler soil = slower release rate, which corresponds to the rate plants can take up nutrients.  Poor quality soils depleted of beneficial microbes may delay results.” 

– Small particle size MORE particles per sq ft.
– 16-0-8 with two types of high quality, slow release nitrogen.
– Contains Humic DG – Has 2% iron
– Slow release feeds for 6-8 weeks.

Including Shipping… around $29

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Treats 5000 sq ft putting down 1/2 pound of nitrogen per 1000 sq ft.  Good for all types of lawns both warm and cool season grasses.



PGF lawn fertilizer below.

Below you see the coverage difference using the PGF lawn fertilizer.

Lawn Fertilizer Schedule

lawn fertilizer schedule

Microbial activity and soil temps.

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