Best Wireless Security Camera

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Best Wireless Security Camera

Doc gives an in-depth, 2 year review of his wireless security cameras and explains why they are his top pick.  There are several versions but he recommends that all should be solar powered. See below for the breakdown.  These cameras DO NOT require a “subscription”. Wifi is 100% free to use and the cellular plans run $10 to $20 a month via T-Mobile. 

Best Security Camera Video

Wifi Based Solar with Tracking and Dual Lens

No additional cost, just use your home wifi network.

wifi security camera with solar

Cellular Based Solar with Tracking and Dual Lens

Call T-Mobile and get a DATA ONLY sim card for a security camera.

Wifi Based NON- TRACKING Version

No auto-tracking but still has all the features and ability to pan.  Great 4k quality

Cellular Based NON-TRACKING Version

The non-tracking version of the cellular camera.





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