Spring Lawn Care Treatments

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Spring Lawn Care Treatments

Doc and friends do a full day of spring lawn care including cutting the Bermuda lawn, putting down PGF Fertilizer, and a Humichar treatment.  All four Bermuda lawns are cut and one fully treated.  The thick green lawn is a result of PGF Complete and Humichar.  Bermuda lawns love to fed during the full spring growing period.  It’s critical that we push our lawns during this period before the summer heat hits.

Spring Lawn Care Video

Spring Lawn Products

NOTE:  HUMICHAR will be available at limited times this year. Keep checking back here from time to time. Current COVID VIRUS situations will slow down production and availability. We expect the next shipment to hit Amazon in the next 2 weeks.

It sells out VERY FAST once it hits.

PGF Complete lawn fertilizer

Sold in 18 and 40 lb bags. Great for all lawns warm and cool season.
PGF Complete is the PERFECT fertilizer for established spring lawns, new lawns, and new turf.

Spring Pre-Emergent

Lawn Grub Killer

Cheap Organic Material


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MICROBIAL PACK for garden soils.

Free Bermuda Lawn Guide.

Click the book to see the free Bermuda lawn guide.

New Spray Bottles for Super Juice

Liquid Iron

Mclane Reel Mower

New Lawn Spreader

Last Year’s Top Pick

Best NPK Fertilizer Numbers

N = Nitrogen P= Phosphorus K= Potassium

This is where the FUN begins.

First Rule to follow…. Don’t buy “specialty” fertilizers…

We all hear about STARTER fertilizers, COMBO weed & feed fertilizers, fall fertilizers, new lawn fertilizers, root builders, etc, etc, etc. The simple FACT is that adding an EXCESS of a needed nutrient (more than the plant needs) will NOT produce greater / increased results such as more roots.

There are PLENTY of research articles about this and I suggest reading “Gardening Myths”. A great book that explains this in detail. Fertilizers feed the soil, and the plant uptakes what it NEEDS only. If there is plenty of a nutrient already in the soil adding MORE will not help this process and ini fact could cause negative issues.

From that book…

“The idea that we feed the plant what they need seems to make perfect sense but it ignores one very important point. Plants get their food from the soil. You don’t add fertilizer to plants—you add it to soil. This is an extremely important concept that is not well understood and is best explained by a simple example. Assume that your soil is naturally very high in phosphorous.

The fertilizer you use at transplant time, or for tulips, or to get more blooms does not need a high amount of phosphorous because your soil already has more than your plants can use. The fertilizer you add to the garden should be a supplement to what is lacking in your soil.”

If your lawn’s soil is deficient in one of the 20+ nutrients it needs to be healthy… apply it. PERIOD… end of story. You now completely understand NPK numbers. (Sort of)

How do you know if your lawn is lacking a nutrient or has excess? A soil test right?
However, more than 99% of the yards in the US will not get a soil test done this year. They will simply apply a fertilizer. Based on THAT fact… what is the best NPK numbers for ALL grasses?

Just about every extension office in the world and expert will tell you that WITHOUT a soil test, a balanced fertilizer with a 4-1-2 ratio should be applied. Yes, many will tell you not to add phosphorous unless it is deficient… BUT DO YOU KNOW THAT FACT? That is why we add a SMALL amount of “P”.

Remember that RATIOS are expandable. So a 16-4-8 like PGF Complete is actually a 4-1-2. (Just divide it by 4)

The ratios are actually PERCENTAGES. Here’s the trick. Pretend every bag you buy is 100 pounds. 100 pounds times 16% is how many pounds of nitrogen? That’s right. 16 pounds. See how easy that was. Now if your bag is really 50 lbs… how many pounds of N do you have? 8… that’s right.

If someone says to apply one pound of N per 1000 sq feet… how many square feet will that bag cover? 8 pounds times 1000 = 8000 sq feet.


I can’t stress this enough… PGF Complete was specifically laboratory designed to our specs to be the PERFECT lawn fertilizer. 16-4-8 ratio of Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. 3% Iron, micro nutrients and Humic Acid. It has 3 forms of HIGH quality nitrogen. It has TINY particle size which is what ALL golf courses and pro turf managers use for better and more even coverage.

It uses NO bio products, waste product, sewage, or manures.

It is fairly mild. .58 pounds of nitrogen per 1000 sq ft is the standard application rate. (Most fertilizers are one pound) This means we can STACK IT, applying every 3-6 weeks during the PUSH times of our lawns.

Spring Bermuda Lawn Care
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Spring Bermuda Lawn Care
Caring for your Bermuda lawn in the spring is a critical step. The right fertilizers, soil treatments and pre emergent are needed. Doc walks you through a full day of lawn care including cutting and treatments.
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