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How to install Garden Bed Edging

Garden bed edging will really reduce the amount of maintenance you do during the year. This is especially true with grasses like Bermuda that crawl everywhere.  Doc shows a DOUBLE barrier for flower bed which BLOCKS the spread of these grasses.  It can be installed in a few hours and requires very few tools.

Garden Edging and Stone Video

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Tap in Garden Edging sold in 20 foot lengths

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Garden Edging Stones from Lowes

PGF Complete lawn fertilizer

Sold in 18 and 40 lb bags. Great for all lawns warm and cool season.
PGF Complete is the PERFECT fertilizer for established spring lawns, new lawns, and new turf.

Spring Pre-Emergent

Lawn Grub Killer

Cheap Organic Material


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MICROBIAL PACK for garden soils.

Free Bermuda Lawn Guide.

Click the book to see the free Bermuda lawn guide.

New Spray Bottles for Super Juice

Mclane Reel Mower

New Lawn Spreader

Last Year’s Top Pick

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