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How to Apply Pet Safe Lawn Products

If you have pets you are concerned about the products you apply to your lawn. Doc shows you that it’s often the application method that makes products more pet safe.  In this video Doc shows you the pet safe benefits of the DG particles. This includes pre-emergents, insecticides, fertilizers and more.

Pet Safe Lawn Video

Tips on applying and Pet Safe Methods

  1. Apply the DG particles to the lawn with pets inside.
  2. Spray the particles with a hose which both wets them and moves them down.
  3. After 5-10 minutes, spray again and the product will be pushed into the thatch layer and soil.
  4. Let dry and then it’s pet safe.

Pet Safe DG Products

PGF Complete Fertilizer

DG Pre-Emergent

DG Armyworm and Grub Killer

Spreader Doc uses.

pet safe lawn particles

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Pet safe lawn products
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