The best grub and armyworm killer for lawns

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Convenient 18 lb bag

Treats approx 10,000 sq ft for armyworms

Treats approx 5000 sq ft for grubs



For a Spray treatment (hose end bottles needed)


(See application rates below)

After years of searching for the best bug, grub, and armyworm treatment, we finally have a winner.  This product has mainly been used by the professional market and gold course industry, but we asked them to package it in a consumer

Duocide Insect Control DG 18 pound bag.

When treating armyworms it will cover approx. 10,000 sq. ft., when treating for grubs it will cover approx. 5000 sq. ft.

Duocide Insect Control DG  is a combination of Bifenthrin (Talstar ) and Carbaryl (Sevin) insecticides. It is a broad spectrum insecticide for both preventative and curative control of surface and sub-surface feeding insects (“over and under”) above and below the surface.

Product must be watered in immediately after application to lawns. Do not apply more than 4 times per year to lawns. The minimum reapplication interval to lawns is seven days. The maximum application rate for kill of ticks is 1.15 lbs product per 1000 sq. ft.

  • Not only is Duocide Insect Control a curative control, but works as a preventative control on a wide assortment of common pest such as chiggers, grubs, ticks, centipedes, fleas, silverfish, springtails, ants, mole crickets, European crane flies and more.
  • Duocide Insect Control is extremely effective on grubs.
  • Several university tests and research have confirmed its effectiveness.
  • This dispersible DG granule is easy to spread giving you low visibility but peak performance.
  • SGN-Particle size 150-numbers per square inch

Pests Killed and Rates

(2 lb./1,000 sq. ft.) ↓

Armyworms (larvae of Armyworm, Fall Armyworm, Lawn Armyworm, and striped Grassworm), Cutworms, (larvae of Black Cutworm, and Bronze Cutworm), Sod Webworms (larvae of Bluegrass Webworm, Larger Sod Webworm, Western Lawn Moth Cranberry Girdler, Tropical Sod Webworm, and Burrowing Sod Webworm)

(2-4 lb./1,000 sq. ft.) ↓

Annual Bluegrass Weevil (Hyperodes) (Adult), Adults  of Bluegrass Billbug, Hunting Billbug, Phoenician Billbug and Denver Billbug, Black Turfgrass Ataenius (Adult), Mealybugs, Leafhoppers, Chinch Bugs (nymphs and adults of Hairy Chinch Bug, Southern Chinch Bug, and Buffalograss Chinch bug), Chiggers, Crickets, Darkling Ground Beetles, Earwigs, Essex Skipper, Fire Brats, Grasshoppers, Silverfish, Spittlebugs Springtails

(4-8 lb./1,000 sq. ft.) ↓

Ants, Centipedes, Fleas (Adult), Flea (Larvae), Millipedes,  European Crane Fly, Imported Fire Ant (Adults), Mole Cricket (Adult), Mole Crickets (nymphs and adults of Tawny, Southern, Short-winged, West Indian (Changa), Oriental (formerly African) and Native (northern) Mole crickets)

(4-8 lb./1,000 sq. ft.) ↓

White Grubs (larvae of Japanese Beetle, European Chafer,  Northern Masked Chafer, Southern Masked Chafer, Oriental Beetle, Asiatic Garden Beetle, May/June beetle (Phyllophaga spp.,) Bluegrass billbug, Hunting Billbug, Phoenician Billbug, Denver (Rocky Mountain) Billbug, Green June beetle, Black Turfgrass ataenius, and Aphodius) and Annual Bluegrass weevil (Hyperodes weevil) and European Cranefly larvae,

Pet Safety

As with all pesticides, keep pets inside when applying.  After application water the Doucide at least once, if not twice. (first watering will cause granulars to react second will lock them into the ground) Allow this to settle for a few hours and then pets can return to area.  We apply in the morning using the dew to help with particle activation. Then water in right away. Allow the sun to dry for a few hours and the pets can return.

Spreader Settings

It’s impossible to list ALL the spreaders on the market, so keep this in mind.

1- The product has a VERY small particle size, so start of with the opening just over 1/8″.

2- Measure your yard areas and make sure you are applying the right poundage. Use the online calc to measure.

3- It’s better to start off light and go back with second pass in a zig zag.