How to Kill Bugs in Lawns

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How to Kill Bugs in the Lawn

There are many types of bugs in your lawn, many don’t harm it at all. But when a damaging insect moves into your lawn it is time to take action. Doc also has tips below.

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Super Juice

Super Juice is a lawn supplement spray. One bag covers up to 2 acres of lawn.

Duodcide Granular

One of Doc’s favorite bug and pest killing products for lawns. Kills grubs, army worms, and many more pest. Apply with a spread and then wet in.


Permethrin is a broad killing insecticide that will kill most insects.


Propiconazole is a systemic fungicide that prevents and treats most lawn fungus.

Spectracide Triazicide

Spectracide Triazicide is a hose end ready insecticide that works well and is cheap.

Bugs in Lawn Tips

  • Not all bugs need to killed, many are beneficial. Only kill bugs and pests in the lawn that may cause health problems or damage to your lawn.
  • Read the label… it will tell you dosage and safety for pets and kids.
  • Try to avoid applying pesticides when rain is within 24 hours. Unless using the Duocide granules.


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