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PGF Balanced™ Lawn and Garden Fertilizer

PGF Balanced ™ Fertilizer is a professional grade 10-10-10 fertilizer with micro nutrients and iron.  10-10-10 fertilizers have always been considered a “cheap” / basic fertilizer so not much care or thought was put into them.  Doc changed that this year with the development of PGF BALANCED. 

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READ CAREFULLY… it’s different

PGF Balanced™ has SUPER FINE particles for FANTASTIC and even distribution. The particle size is the SMALLEST on the market for the consumer. Every square inch of your lawn /garden receives the same amount of nutrients unlike most fertilizers.  PGF Balanced™ is a FAST RELEASE fertilizer.  Most fertilizers don’t reach your plants for weeks and weeks.  PGF Balanced™ is designed to deliver the nutrients within 1-2 weeks if rain or irrigation is applied.  Because it is FAST released it should be applied at a LIGHTER RATE. See TIPS and USES below.


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PGF Balanced™ For Lawns

Use when high nitrogen levels are not desired such as in the fall, winter, or early spring.  GREAT for new seeding or sodding applications.  Can be used on ALL types of turf. One 18 lb bags treats 5000 sq ft.  Keep your spreader opening size TINY. Just over 1/8″ and if needed use a double crisscross pattern to apply.  Blow off sidewalks and driveways as the iron may leave rusting marks.  COMPLETELY seal the bag when done and store INSIDE the home or in a dry area.  Fast release fertilizers DO NOT store well if left in damp areas.

For Gardens

Mix into the soil while turning or tilling if possible, otherwise apply a light coat every 3 weeks or as needed.

For Landscapes

Trees and shrubs. Apply 2-3 times a year.


Why a PRO GRADE 10-10-10?

Doc recommends and uses 10-10-10 all the time. However, the 10-10-10 fertilizers found in “big box” stores is pretty nasty, cheap stuff.  The particles are HUGE and the distribution is HORRIBLE.  There are also no micro nutrients or iron.  Doc asked the Anderson to create PGF Balanced to his exact specs.  The results a fantastic, balanced fertilizer with amazing results.

PGF BALANCED lawn and garden fertilizer

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