bare spots in lawn
Bermuda Grass Care

How to Fix Bare Spots in Your Lawn

How to Fix Bare Spots in Your Lawn Doc shows you how to fix bare spots in the lawn which many people have after leveling their lawns. These heavy sand spots simply don’t attract good […]

cutting wet grass
Bermuda Grass Care

How to Cut Wet Grass

How to Cut Wet Grass Doc and the crew cut the Bermuda lawn while it’s wet but also while it’s still raining.  Cutting wet grass and wet lawns presents certain challenges. The big issue is […]

reel mowing bermuda magnetic pickup tool
Bermuda Grass Care

Lawn Magnetic Pickup Tool

Lawn Magnetic Pickup Tool After the fence construction the big worry is metal objects in the lawn that may hurt the reel mower, kids, or pets.  Doc shows you the magnetic pick up tool that […]

cutting bermuda grass putting green
Bermuda Grass Care

Short Cutting Bermuda Grass

Cutting the Bermuda Golf Green Short Doc cuts the the Bermuda grass green short at 1/4″. The fence install is coming along nicely as well. Bermuda grass needs to be kept much lower than fescues […]

Around the House

Heavy Rain Lawn Care

Heavy Rains and Fence Construction Lawn Care Rough week dealing with lots of rain, delays in grass cutting, construction lawn mess and a lot more. Lawn Care Video Lawn Care Products Sign Up for Alerts […]

battery lawn edger
Around the House

Battery Powered Lawn Edger

What Battery Powered Lawn Edger to Buy Doc has been testing his new battery powered lawn edger combo for the past 6 weeks.  This edger can also be converted to a stick edger which is […]

watering lawns
Bermuda Grass Care

How to Water Your Lawn

How to Water Your Bermuda Lawn Watering your lawn has two basic modes.  The standard mode of watering your lawn is a DEEP cycle watering, then a pause to allow it to dry out.  This […]

bermuda seed germination
Bermuda Grass Care

Bermuda Lawn Seed

Bermuda Lawn Seed Planting Doc planted Bermuda lawn seeds and now they are germinating. The germination process and some care tips for newly seeded lawns. Remember to watch the seed videos discussing the varieties and […]

seed heads bermuda lawn
Bermuda Grass Care

Seed Heads in Bermuda Lawn

Seed Heads in Bermuda Lawn Doc walks through the seeds heads that form this time of year in Bermuda lawns. Seed heads are a good sign and mean your lawn is healthy. However, they grow […]

super juice golf green
Bermuda Grass Care

Backyard Putting Green Super Juice Spray

Spraying Putting Green with Super Juice Doc sprays the backyard putting green with Super Juice and figures out the putting green cup hole placement. Super Juice will help with seed germination as well as giving […]