Amazing Natural Soil Results Using No Fertilizers

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Amazing Natural Soil Results Using No Fertilizers

Doc shows the results of Dirt Booster testing. This soil has had nothing added except Dirt Booster and the results are already amazing. Create healthy natural soils and grow amazing crops without the use of fertilizers.

Amazing Natural Soil Video

New Dirt Booster Plus for Lawn and Gardens

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Add organic matter, microbes, and good fungus to make your lawn and garden thrive.  All new formula for 2023.

dirt booster testing results

Free Lawn Care Guides

Click the picture below and then select the guide you need.  

free lawn care guides

Best Soil Testing – Online and Fast Results

Click the KIT below ↓ for all their options and buy direct.

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Granular Pre-Emergent in DG Particles

This is the first step for your spring lawn. Stop weeds and crabgrass BEFORE they can grow. 

PGF Balance 10-10-10 

A professional grade 10-10-10 with tiny particles, micro nutrients, and iron. 


PGF Complete 16-4-8 Lawn Fertilizer

This is the main fertilizer for ALL lawns during the growing season.  Warm season and cool season lawns. 

Liquid Pre Emergent Doc Uses

Note… it’s not cheap but this bottle goes a long way. 

Should be applied to ALL LAWNS and can be applied as heavy and as often as you like.  It contains NOTHING that can hurt your lawn and is 50/50 mix of biochar and humic acid. 



Killing Grubs and Army Worms with the Double Kill Doucide

Preventative products should be used in the late summer.  Killing products work best in the spring. The product below can be applied anytime of the year to kill grubs. 

GreenShocker Fast Acting Granular

GreenShocker is a granular, all fast release, fertilizer supplement. 

PGF Complete website to pick the right fertilizer. 


Super Juice Lawn Supplement and Bio-Stimulant

Lawn Hose End Spray Bottles

WARNING: Use only the 20:1 ratio bottles and do not pay more than $19 for TWO bottles.  When out of stock, others will charge up to $40 if out of stock. Simply wait until they come back in stock from Andersons. 


Large Spreader Used – Top Pick for 2021

Probably one of the best VALUES for a large spreader with huge 13 inch wheels. 

Best VALUE in Reel Mowers


How does Mycorrhizal fungi help my soil 

Mycorrhizal fungi are a type of beneficial fungi that form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots. This relationship is known as mycorrhizae, and it provides several benefits to the plants, including:

  1. Increased nutrient uptake: Mycorrhizal fungi form a network of filaments that extend into the soil, effectively increasing the surface area of the roots. This allows the plant to absorb more nutrients, such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and other micronutrients, from the soil.
  2. Improved water absorption: The mycorrhizal filaments also help the plant to absorb water more effectively, reducing the need for frequent watering and increasing drought tolerance.
  3. Enhanced disease resistance: Mycorrhizal fungi can help to protect plants against soil-borne pathogens and other stressors, such as heavy metals and pollutants.
  4. Improved plant growth and vigor: By providing increased nutrient and water absorption, mycorrhizal fungi can promote stronger root and shoot growth, as well as overall plant health and productivity.

In summary, mycorrhizal fungi help plants by enhancing their nutrient and water uptake, increasing disease resistance, and promoting overall growth and vigor. This makes them a valuable tool for gardeners, farmers, and other plant enthusiasts who want to improve the health and productivity of their plants.



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