Amino Acids on Lawns

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Amino Acids on Lawns

Amino acids on lawns will be the talk of the industry for years to come. They are just now making their proper introduction into the home owner market.  For the past year we have been applying and testing products that contain amino acids.  In “layman terms” it’s like giving your lawn daily vitamin / healthy diet supplement.  YEARS of research and studies have been done on this and it gets rather COMPLEX. Let’s just say that the experts… “the guys with really big brains” all agree.  Putting amino acids on turf has a tremendous benefit. Some heavy reading below…

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amino acids on healthy bermuda grass lawn

Doc has been using and testing products all year.  So far he has approved of ONE product that will help.

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Some of the testing of amino acid lawn fertilizers.

amino acids on lawns testing strip

amino acids on lawns testing

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Studies in different ecosystems have shown that plants / lawns take up intact amino acids directly but little is known about the influence of free amino acid concentrations in the soil on this process. We investigated the effect of three different soil amino acid N concentrations (0.025, 0.13 and 2.5 μg N g−1 soil) on direct uptake of four dual labelled (15N, 13C) amino acids (glycine, tyrosine, lysine, valine) in a greenhouse experiment using Anthoxantum odoratum as a model plant.

Our results revealed that 8–45% of applied 15N was incorporated into plant root and shoot tissue 48 h after labeling. Additional 13C enrichment showed that 2–70% of this incorporated 15N was taken up as intact amino acid. Total 15N uptake and 15N uptake as intact amino acids were significantly affected by soil amino acid N concentrations and significantly differed between the four amino acids tested.

We found a positive effect of soil amino acid concentrations on uptake of mineralized 15N relative to amino acid concentrations for all amino acids which was presumably due to higher diffusion rates of mineralized tracer to the root surface. However, intact amino acid uptake relative to amino acid concentrations as well as the proportion of total 15N taken up directly decreased with increasing soil amino acid N concentrations for all amino acids, irrespective of their microbial degradability. This effect is most likely controlled by the mineral N concentration in soil and perhaps in plants which inhibits direct amino acids uptake.

Overall, we conclude that plant internal regulation of amino acid uptake controlled by mineral N is the main mechanism determining direct uptake of amino acids and thus a lower contribution of intact amino acid uptake to the plants N nutrition has to be expected for higher amino acid concentrations accompanied by mineralization in soil.

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