Best Value Luxury Mattress King and Queen Size

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Best Value Luxury Mattress King and Queen Size

“My family and I have slept on these mattresses for over two years. When it comes to VALUE… it gets my FIVE STAR review.” Doc

Doc explains why he has purchased many of these value priced luxury mattresses and why not all value priced mattresses are the same.  A hybrid mattress is one that uses both an inner-spring based, layers of foam, and a pillowtop for overall support and comfort.  He explains that for the money, these are an amazing VALUE in the mattress industry.   

BUYING NOTES: Make sure you select the correct size and order the 12 inch mattress. Next use the code DOC when checking out to get the best sale price and an additional 5% off. 

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How the Mattress is Made 

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Independently wrapped coil springs offer the firm support needed.  Then multiple layers of foam and a soft pillow top offer the perfect comfort level for almost all sleepers.  Individually wrapped coils move independently to prevent motion transfer between partners—no wake-up caused by tossing and turning, no disturbing companion. Foam layers contour your body for freedom of movement. 

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The Box Spring Replacement Frame

Click the picture below available in many sizes. 

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