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Summer Lawn Care Tips

Doc discusses summer lawn care and summer Bermuda lawn care.  This includes summer watering schedules and testing, summer fertilizing, and summer lawn cutting. See more tips below.

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WARNING: PGF Complete may start to see stock issues due to heavy demand.

PGF Complete is a MILD and slow release all in one balanced fertilizer. It can be used on all types of lawns and can be used in the summer as well. It helps to have an irrigation system. Healthy lawns do better under stress. Click to view on Amazon

Super Juice is a spray on supplement in DRY form you mix and spray.

The large spreader Doc uses in the video.

Summer Lawn Tips

  • Try running your lawn irrigation on daily short cycles in the late afternoon.
  • Apply MILD and COMPLETE lawn fertilizer products like PGF Complete and Super Juice.
  • If you have to cut long grass, be prepared to gather clippings.

Summer lawn care is not that hard. Just make your lawn healthy and it will fair better in the summer months.


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