How to Pressure Wash Concrete Driveway

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How to Pressure Wash Concrete Driveway

Doc shows how to pressure wash a driveway step by step. From picking the right pressure washer to the accessories that make the job so much easier and faster. Cleaning your concrete driveway and making it bright white does not take much time or any chemicals.

Pressure Washing Driveway Video

Products Used for Pressure Washing Driveway

The Simpson unit with the larger motor.

This is the actual unit Doc uses in the video with a larger Honda motor.

The Simpson with the smaller motor and easier to move and store.

Due to a shortage of Honda engines this is the new model. Most manufacturers are now moving away from Hondas due to a year long wait. 

The Surface Cleaner that matches these units.

The small green hose extension

6″ Spring wrapped hose extension – This little thing makes your life SO much easier. Rather than reaching under or around power washer frames, just attach it and leave it.  Best idea he’s had in months.

The extension wand

The Pump Saver  for storage

The Rust Stain Remover





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