How to Get Dark Green Lawn

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How to Get Dark Green Lawn

The new PGF Complete lawn fertilizer has undergone months of testing and development. The results are VERY impressive. If you want a dark green lawn and fast, then PGF Complete is the product.

Steps to a dark green lawn

  1. Apply PGF Complete at a rate of 5000 sq ft per bag.
  2. If you have already put down an organic, reduce that application by about 20 – 30%
  3. If you have a cool season lawn such as fescue, do the same. Reduce the rate. So one bag will treat roughly 6000 sq ft.
  4. Water lightly every evening for 4 days. If it rains, skip that day. Then return to normal watering.

You’ll see a deep green lawn appear starting in as little as 5 days.


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