Scalping Bermuda Lawn Spring

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It’s a question we get all the time, when is the best time to scalp my Bermuda grass lawn?

Here are some tips on scalping your Bermuda Lawn. (Video below)

  1. Don’t scalp just because you see some green popping up in your Bermuda grass lawn. This often happens early as warm fronts move in from time to time. It’s best to wait until temps start to hit 70s during the day on a constant basis.
  2. Make sure that you see a GREEN HAZE all over your Bermuda lawn. This is another indicator that your lawn is ready for scalping.
  3. Take your dead brown Bermuda grass down as low as you can. Some people like to leave about an inch, but I try and remove all the dead grass.
  4. Do not scalp your Bermuda lawn when the sod is soaking wet. You will leave rut marks if using a riding mower.
  5. It’s a HUGE job with lots of clippings. If you can hire a yard service to do, it’s WORTH the money. Let them know ahead of time that they need to REMOVE the clippings.
  6. Use a push mower to do smaller areas as well. Everything needs to be scalped.

Scalping Bermuda lawns is done in the spring only and need to be done at the beginning of the season.


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