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Best Beer Batter Fish Fry Recipe

Best Beer Batter Fish Fry Recipe To make this recipe use 50% four and 50% Louisiana fish fry. Add baking powder, then Yuengling traditional lager.  Stir and make the batter slightly thicker than a traditional […]

smoked boston butt
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Smoked Boston Butt Recipe

Smoked Boston Butt Recipe Doc shows you how to smoke a Boston butt with an easy overnight smoke recipe.  Using jack Daniels Apple and a few simple ingredients. Most smoker recipes always seem complicated. This […]

worlds best grilled chicken recipe
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World’s Best Grilled Chicken Recipe

This grilled chicken marinade recipe is designed for use on chicken thighs, but it works great on breasts and pork as well.  However, if you use boneless skinless thighs, I don’t think you’ll ever eat […]

easy smoked ribs
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Easy Smoked Ribs

An easy recipe for smoking pork ribs. If you want a simple way to smoke ribs, this is your video. It really is just a 3 three step process. 1- Pull membrane and dry rub. […]

keep veggies fresh in fridge
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How to Keep Produce Fresh in Refrigerator

This little tip will change the way you store your vegetables forever. Think we’re kidding? Once you try and it and COMPARE the difference you’ll be amazed.  Try it with a head of lettuce. Cut […]