mattress in a box best value
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Mattress in a Box Review 2022

Best Mattress in Box Review 2022 Doc reviews his mattress in a box for 2022.  This is Doc’s 5th mattress of this model and after 1.5 years he gives his honest opinion of its VALUE.  […]

best under sink water filter

Best Under Sink Water Filter

Best Under Sink Water Filter Doc reviews and installs the under sink water filter.  Many filters claim to remove impurities but none match this under sink water filter.  Each water filter is custom made for […]

clogged septic tank
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Clogged Septic Tank Toilet

Fixing a Clogged Septic Tank and Toilet It’s 6am… your flushed toilet gurgles when you flush. Then it starts to back up looking like a clog.  If you have a septic tank, that usually is […]

coronavirus preparation

Coronavirus Preparation Information

How to Prepare for the Coronavirus Preparing for the Coronavirus is unlike any preparation you have done in the past. In this video Doc will explain that preparation includes a lifestyle change as well as […]

cracked feet cure

Cracked Heels and Feet Cure

Dry cracked feet are both ugly and painful. It’s something that I deal with as well as many people I know.  This “cure” is a daily treatment but I can tell you what… it works […]