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Congrats to Winners

Two Notes #1 Prime Sale Update If you want Amazon sale pricing it appears you have to use a “coupon”. Go back to this page:   Once you click the product… look for the […]

bugs in lawn
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How to Kill Bugs in Lawns

How to Kill Bugs in the Lawn There are many types of bugs in your lawn, many don’t harm it at all. But when a damaging insect moves into your lawn it is time to […]

summer lawn care tips
Bermuda Grass Care

Summer Lawn Care Information

Summer Lawn Care Tips Doc discusses summer lawn care and summer Bermuda lawn care.  This includes summer watering schedules and testing, summer fertilizing, and summer lawn cutting. See more tips below. Product Links WARNING: PGF […]

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Bermuda Grass Care

Amazon Prime Days 2019

You must a PRIME Member Amazon prime days are available to prime members. You can sign up with a 30 day free trial by clicking the banner below. FYI… Doc has been a prime member […]

lawn natural areas landscaping

Lawn Landscaping and Natural Areas

Doc shows you how to put down a BASE natural area. From there, simply add landscaping flowers and plants. Natural areas in lawn landscaping really add that finishing touch.  They are cheap and last for […]

pressure washing concrete driveway
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Pressure Washing Driveways

Pressure Washing Concrete Driveways Pressure Washing Products Top Picks Best Pressure Washer for the Money This is the exact unit that Doc owns… and uses in the video. It pairs up perfectly with the surface […]

summer lawn care
Bermuda Grass Care

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer Lawn Care Tips Taking care of lawns in the summer can be tricky. Doc shows you some summer lawn care tips. PGF Complete Super Juice Summer lawn care tips. Keep you summer lawn slightly […]

Bermuda Grass Care

Summer Fertilizing Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn in the summer is not recommended by most.  However if you truly understand how fertilizers work, and the make up of lawn fertilizers, you can apply a mild one.  Doc talks about […]

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Hard to Reach Grease Fittings

Hard to Reach Grease Fittings Most power equipment such as lawn mowers, riding mowers, and even some spreaders have grease fittings. However, many of these grease fittings are hard to reach.  Doc set out to […]

Bermuda Grass Care

Best Lawn Fertilizer

What’s the best lawn fertilizer? It has taken close to a year to bring to market, but finally the new PGF Complete lawn fertilizer is hitting the industry.  In Doc’s own words… “it’s the best […]