fall lawn tips and lawn care
Bermuda Grass Care

Fall Bermuda Lawn Care

Fall Lawn Care Tips There are lots of things to do to our fall Bermuda grass lawns, Doc covers many of them in this fall lawn care video.  Doc discusses fall lawn fertilizers and how […]

pet safe lawn products
Lawn Care

Pet Safe Lawn Products

How to Apply Pet Safe Lawn Products If you have pets you are concerned about the products you apply to your lawn. Doc shows you that it’s often the application method that makes products more […]

Lawn Care

Cutting Lawn Diagonal

Diagonal Lawn Cutting Cutting your lawn on the diagonal will often help with uneven cutting and rut marks.  Doc records himself cutting his Bermuda lawn on the diagonal and the results so far.  This can […]

september lawn update
Bermuda Grass Care

September Lawn Update

September Lawn Care Updates Just a quick update about the new email alert system and a look at the lawns surviving this horrible heat and drought.  New email alerts will go out about 6pm daily.  […]

fall pre emergent
Bermuda Grass Care

🌱 Fall Lawn Preemergent

Fall Pre Emergent for Lawns Timing of your fall preemergent is the critical factor, but also understanding how they work. In this video Doc explains the fall pre-emergent treatment and when to apply. (Product links […]

scalping bermuda
Bermuda Grass Care

Bermuda Grass Scalping

Scalping Bermuda Lawn vs. Scarring In this video Doc shows you the difference between a lawn scalping and lawn scarring that often occurs when trying to cut long Bermuda grass short.  Scarring is when patches […]

lawn care updates
Bermuda Grass Care

Bermuda Lawn Care

Bermuda Lawn CareUpdates Doc goes over some Bermuda lawn care news, tips, and updates. Some new information on Bermuda grass care, Bermuda grass products, and some follow up on a lawn. Bermuda Lawn News Video […]

wireless home video camera
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Wireless Home Video Cameras

Wireless Home Video Cameras – Blink XT2 I put this project off for over a year, but getting my wireless home video cameras installed is a great relief.  The wireless Blink XT2 video cameras not […]

pgf complete results
Bermuda Grass Care

PGF Complete Fertilizer Results

PGF Fertilizer Results Fall is an important time of the year for lawn care. Doc shows you some of the results from PGF Complete fertilizer. He also does a low cut on his lawn and […]

backlap reel mower

Backlap Reel Mower

Reel Mower Backlap Backlapping a reel mower is not that hard and doesn’t require special tools.  Doc shows you how to backlap a TruCut reel mower in just a few minutes. Backlapping Reel Mower Video […]