Bermuda Grass Care

Hot Summer Lawn Treatments

Hot Summer Lawn Treatments Doc explains residual vs. temporary treatments and applies Dirt Booster to the lawn. The hot summer lawn treatment is perfect for the heat.  We are adding organic matter, biochar, and good […]

lawn liquid spray fertilizer
Bermuda Grass Care

Lawn Spray Fertilizers

Spraying Lawns with Fertilizers Doc sprays the lawn with a liquid fertilizer / supplement.  Super Juice is a very mild lawn supplement that contains 4% iron and gives the lawn a “green boost” within 48 […]

best pool cleaner automatic
Swimming Pools

Best Pool Cleaner Automatic

Top Pick Automatic Pool Cleaner Doc reviews his top pick for best pool cleaner.  After a year of full testing on two pools Doc agrees that this suction side pool cleaner is the best he […]

summer lawn fertilizer and zoysia seed
Bermuda Grass Care

Summer Lawn Fertilizer

Summer Lawn Fertilizer Doc feeds the Zoysia lawn with a summer fertilizer Green Shocker then plants Zoysia seed in the back.  Along with Green Shocker fertilizer this is a great time of the year to […]