spring bermuda lawn treatments
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Spring Bermuda Lawn Treatments

Spring Bermuda Lawn Treatments In the video below Doc talks about spring Bermuda lawn treatments and the recent wet weather we are experiencing. It’s important to remember that ANY lawn product that needs to be […]

kill weeds in bermuda lawn
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how to kill weeds in Bermuda grass

How to Kill Weeds in Bermuda Grass It’s late winter or early spring, depending on your area, and while your Bermuda grass is still fairly dormant the weeds are coming on strong.  Because our Bermuda […]

spring lawn preemergent
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Spring Lawn Preemergent

When to Apply Preemergent in the Spring When do you apply your spring pre-emergent? Well it’s not just the date but conditions are critical as well. Doc warns you about lawn saturation and how it […]

biochar myths

BIOCHAR Myths and Truths

Biochar Myths, Truths, and Misunderstandings A lot of misleading information often gets circulated around when a product is not fully understood. We hope the following will clear up some. This includes not only years of […]

what is biochar
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How Does Biochar Work

How Does Biochar Work If you’ll take the time to WATCH the video below, it will completely explain how biochar works.  Doc explains biochar in simple terms and explains why all biochars are the same […]

best lawn biochar
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Best Biochar for Lawns

Best Lawn Biochar It’s critical to understand that biochar must be located around a plants roots to actually work. The problem with most biochars made for lawns is that the particle size prevents it from […]

bermuda lawn care guide
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Bermuda Lawn Care Guide

2020 Bermuda Lawn Care Guide Below Doc discusses the new 2020 Bermuda Lawn Care Guide as well as the upcoming lawn care season.  You can see the new Bermuda Care Guide HERE.  The guide works […]

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Lawn Care Product Sale

For a limited time The Andersons is doing a fall Amazon inventory sale.   I am passing this info along so anyone that needs these products can stock up now. NOTE: The 20% savings should […]

winterize sprinker system
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Winterize Sprinkler System

Winterize Sprinkler System Doc shows you how to winterize your sprinkler system in the southern zones of the US.  In zones where deep freezes are not common, the process is fairly simple. Sprinkler Winterizing Video […]

dormant bermuda grass
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Dormant Bermuda Grass

Dormant Bermuda Grass Bermuda grass starts to go dormant when daytime temps remain about 50 degrees. However, our Bermuda lawns stop active growth when temps hit the 60s.  Now is the time to leave our […]