summer lawn fertilizer
Bermuda Grass Care

Summer Lawn Fertilizer

Summer Lawn Fertilizer Summer time, with its heat and low rain falls,  is often the time to rethink your lawn fertilizer. In this video Doc discusses change your SPRING program over to a summer lawn […]

mosqito trap bug zapper
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Best Mosquito Traps and Bug Zappers

Best Mosquito Traps and Bug Zappers 2019 (Product links below) Doc shares his thoughts on the electronic bug and mosquito traps and zappers he bought and tested.  With a large amount of woods behind his […]

thick green lawn
Bermuda Grass Care

How to Get Thick Green Lawn Spring

How to Get Thick Green Lawn Simple, FAST,  rules to follow on how to get a healthy thick green lawn this year. (Product links below) This info is designed for people that have a “weak […]

battery packpack sprayer
Bermuda Grass Care

Best Battery Backpack Sprayer

The best battery backpack sprayer review Doc reviews and tests one battery powered backpack sprayer which he thinks is one of the best for the money. Video is below. Docs #1 Choice for battery backpack […]

wifi sprinkler controller
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Wifi Sprinkler Controller

Wifi Sprinkler Controller Rachio Review Rachio Generation 2 This is the WIFI sprinkler controller Doc ordered. Keep in mind it runs on 2.4 gig connection.  Most routers have both a 5g and 2.4 but check […]

expamd irrigation system
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Expand Irrigation System

Want to modify or expand your irrigation system? WARNING: Irrigation systems generally use HIGH pressure water directly from the main lines. Make sure you use the right glue and include a shutoff valve near the […]

liquid iron lawn
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Liquid Iron for Lawns

Adding Iron to your lawn Yes, adding iron to your lawn will generally make it “greener” and often give it that blue/green look. The nice thing about iron is that it will green up your […]

best lawn edger
Bermuda Grass Care

Best Lawn Edger 2019

Best lawn edger for 2019 Doc reviews what he thinks is the best VALUE when it comes to a gas powered lawn edger.  Keep in mind, he said best value.  Battery powered edgers simply don’t […]

Bermuda Grass Care

Spring Bermuda Fertilizer

We want to push our Spring Bermuda grass lawn and get it to thicken up and be ready for the summer heat. In this video Doc shows you the results of a few lawns. Products […]

kill armyworms lawn
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How to Kill Armyworms

How to Kill Armyworms in Lawn This past year armyworms in the lawn were a huge problem.  The south east and Texas areas were hit very hard and we expect the same since we had […]