best wireless security camera
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Best Wireless Security Camera

Best Wireless Security Camera Doc gives an in-depth, 2 year review of his wireless security cameras and explains why they are his top pick.  There are several versions but he recommends that all should be […]

fixing lawns
Bermuda Grass Care

Fixing Lawn Problems in June

Fixing Lawn Problems in June Doc returns to the farm property to find all kinds of problems. The past week is fixing ugly lawns, gardens, and doing repairs.  Fixing Lawn Problems Video No Spam… Just […]

dgl dark green lawn
Bermuda Grass Care

DGL Dark Green Lawn Fertilizer

DGL Dark Green Lawn Fertilizer Doc explains the new DGL Dark Green Lawn Fertilizer.  An all fast release nitrogen lawn fertilizer with tiny particles. Designed for light applications when your lawn needs an extra shot […]