seamless gutter install
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Seamless Gutter Install

Seamless Gutter Install Doc has the old gutters replaced with new six inch seamless gutters. This the second time we have used the seamless gutter product and it is great. Doc also moves the downspouts […]

how to with doc
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Fall Lawn Care and Doc’s News

Fall Lawn Care and Doc’s News Doc has some BIG news. They 2020 giveaway, fall lawn updates, and a new project house. No Spam… Just Notifications of New Posts Our 2020 giveaway will be $1000 […]

wireless home video camera
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Wireless Home Video Cameras

Wireless Home Video Cameras – Blink XT2 October 2020 UPDATE: See new version below. I put this project off for over a year, but getting my wireless home video cameras installed is a great relief.  […]

backlap reel mower
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Backlap Reel Mower

Reel Mower Backlap Backlapping a reel mower is not that hard and doesn’t require special tools.  Doc shows you how to backlap a TruCut reel mower in just a few minutes. Backlapping Reel Mower Video […]

tomato garden watering
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Container Tomato Gardening

Doc shows you his watering spikes he uses on plants to avoid foliage watering and get water directly to the roots. WARNING: PGF Complete will be out of stock soon for about 7-10 days.

fall lawn care
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Fall Lawn Care Tips

A quick video from Doc going over some fall lawn care tips. See the updates on all the fall lawn care products. You can see all the products by clicking the DOC’S PRODUCT LINKS.   […]

glue soles back on shoes
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Glue Shoe Sole Repair

How do you glue the sole of a sneaker or shoe back on? In this video Doc shows you his trick for instant show repair.  When the sole of a shoe comes off or shoes […]