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How to Kill Nutsedge

Kill Nutsedge in Lawn Nutsedge is a really tough lawn weed, but Doc shows you how to kill nutsedge in your lawn. Video Nutsedge Killers ← The Dismiss Doc uses. Click to see on Amazon […]

killing winter lawn weeds
Bermuda Grass Care

Kill Winter Lawn Weeds

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from average home owners about killing winter weeds in their lawns.  Let’s face it, just about all of us have some winter lawn weeds that have grown during […]

Bermuda Grass Care

Spring Pre-Emergent Dosage and Timing

Sometimes… I have to laugh… Obviously some people can’t read at the 8th grade reading level… (the level of my writing)…  so I’m going to break down pre-emergents a little more in-depth for you.  I […]