summer lawn fertilizer
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Summer Lawn Fertilizer

Summer Lawn Fertilizer Summer time, with its heat and low rain falls,  is often the time to rethink your lawn fertilizer. In this video Doc discusses change your SPRING program over to a summer lawn […]

thick green lawn
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How to Get Thick Green Lawn Spring

How to Get Thick Green Lawn Simple, FAST,  rules to follow on how to get a healthy thick green lawn this year. (Product links below) This info is designed for people that have a “weak […]

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Adding Nutrients to Lawn Soil

A simple and easy way to add general nutrients to your lawn soil. Your lawn’s NPK numbers often need adjusting. Miracle Grow on Amazon: → Miracle GRO 10-52-10

granular lawn fertilizer PGF
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Best Granular Lawn Fertilizer

Best Granular Lawn Fertilizer? Which is the best lawn fertilizer?  It’s not a simple question but in our eyes, there is one new product for 2019 that grabs the title, “best granular fertilizer 2019”.   […]

spring lawn fertilizer
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Spring Lawn Fertilizer

Spring lawn fertilizer tips. Spring is the CRITICAL time for Bermuda grass lawns. It’s when we want to push Bermuda grass and make it thick, lush, and full. Then we can sort of sit back […]

lawn fertilizer information
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Lawn Fertilizer Information

There’s a lot of lawn fertilizer information and Doc breaks it down in the video below. “With regard to lowering nutrient inputs thereby reducing the potential risks for negative environmental impacts, as well as certain […]