summer lawn fertilizer
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The Best Summer Lawn Fertilizer

Best Summer Lawn Fertilizer Bermuda lawns actually need a summer lawn fertilizer, however the key is to apply lightly and combine natural and organic fertilizers for a mild feeding.  Doc walks you through his summer […]

super juice golf green
Bermuda Grass Care

Backyard Putting Green Super Juice Spray

Spraying Putting Green with Super Juice Doc sprays the backyard putting green with Super Juice and figures out the putting green cup hole placement. Super Juice will help with seed germination as well as giving […]

Perfect Green lawn
Bermuda Grass Care

How to Get Thick Green Lawn

How to Get a Thick Green Lawn Doc walks you through the spring lawn care checklist showing how to get a thick, green Bermuda lawn.  Spring is a critical time in our lawn care. If […]

cheap organic lawn fertilizer
Bermuda Grass Care

Cheap Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Cheap Organic Lawn Fertilizer Organic lawn fertilizer is a little tricky to understand but Doc explains it.  Doc shows you the cheap organic material that he tested last fall and is currently using.  Remember, you […]

spring lawn care
Bermuda Grass Care

Early Spring Lawn Care

Spring Lawn Care Bermuda Grass In this video Doc talks about the early spring lawn care and some of the steps Bermuda lawns need to get healthy quickly.  He also discusses shortages that are already […]

best spring lawn fertilizer
Bermuda Grass Care

Best Spring Lawn Fertilizer

Best Spring Fertilizer What is the best spring lawn fertilizer?   Lawns want nutrients in a basic ratio of 4-1-2.  (NOTE: 16-4-8 is a 4-1-2 ratio)  This means four parts nitrogen to one part phosphorous to […]

dormant bermuda grass
Bermuda Grass Care

Dormant Bermuda Grass

Dormant Bermuda Grass Bermuda grass starts to go dormant when daytime temps remain about 50 degrees. However, our Bermuda lawns stop active growth when temps hit the 60s.  Now is the time to leave our […]

super juice fall fertilizer
Bermuda Grass Care

Super Juice Fall Fertilizer

Fall Fertilizer Super Juice Fall lawn fertilizing is all about understanding timing and when to switch from granular fall fertilizers, over to spray fertilizers like Super Juice.  Granular fertilizers feed for up to 8 weeks […]

pgf complete results
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PGF Complete Fertilizer Results

PGF Fertilizer Results Fall is an important time of the year for lawn care. Doc shows you some of the results from PGF Complete fertilizer. He also does a low cut on his lawn and […]